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Big things coming to this band

Zambri - check them out

Big Love. Xx

Mixthing #8 - Kwes Exclusive 66 Mix for KSPACE.TV and news

Hi readers, again sorry I haven't been to frequent on the blogging recently. Just got back from playing a gig in Elan Tamara's band. Things are really picking up for her :). If you haven't already, definitely check her out and get hold of a copy of her handmade EP. Links on her page HERE.

I also wanted to mention here I'm going to be vacating this Tea Hut to move to a new location. I still love love tea and hold it very close to my heart, but too much of the stuff has started to give me palpitations, and with hypertension being a common trait in my family, I think it's now time to emigrate. I'll still enjoy a cuppa every now and then. FOR SURE. This also explains why the next two mixes have not been called teamixthings. More info will unfold towards the end of the year, and there are some clues as to where I'm locating to in the new mix, which I'm now going to talk of in the next paragraph.

The first mix I'm going to bestow upon your good selves is an exclusive 66 minute mix I've done for the K-Swiss blog called KSPACE.TV. check them out. Lovely lovely blog. It's the longest mix I've done and I've thoroughly enjoyed working on it. It's playful like always :).

This is Mixthing #8 because I had finished the 21MC mix (COMING SOON) before this one. Just working some things out with them, then it will be available from here and from them :)

Big Love. Xx


1. Todd Rundgren – Bleeding
2. Joe Meek – Telstore Answering Machine Message*
3. Scott Walker – It’s Raining Today
4. The Dream – Falsetto
5. Terror Danjah – Red Dust (Instrumental)
6. The Evens – Cut From The Cloth
7. Throbbing Gristle – We Hate You
8. Terry Riley – A Rainbow in Curved Air (Excerpt)
9. Wolf Gang – Nightflying (Demo)
10. The Invisible – Come Together
11. Lil Wayne – Let The Beat Build
12. Tom Waits – Georgia Lee
13. Fyfe Dangerfield – Walk In The Room
14. The Beach Boys – Feel Flows
15. Quinn Walker – Save Your Love For Me
16. Elan Tamara – Find A Way (Rough Demo)
17. Eno – Another Green World (Transposed)
18. Alexis Taylor – Girl
19. Ed Finnis – Flicker (Excerpt)