Teamixthing #6 - Liquorice Tea

Liquorice tea :). This one startled me like Lapsang Souchong. I was never a fan of the Bassetts sweets, or liquorice confectionery in general. But this tea is a massive massive exception. The aftertaste is just killer. The initial taste of the tea is extremely refreshing, and I recommend it whenever you need a pick up. My manager Toby put me onto this one, so I thank him hugely for that. Anyway, here is the liquorice teamixthing no.6 below. Sorry for the long wait. Enjoy :)

Big love.

KS. Xx


1. Eno. Moebius. Roedelius. Plank - Mr Livingstone
2. Arch M - In The Mountan
3. Beyonce - Video Phone
4. Elan Tamara - Oranges
5. Elastica - Smile
6. Mary Jane Girls - Jealousy
7. Pere Ubu - On The Surface
8. St Vincent - The Party
9. Ryan Leslie - Diamond Girl
10. Tune-Yards - Hatari
11. Kwes. - Broke


Too long

I'm such a wasteblog. Over 3 months!! Well I profusely apologise peoples. I've been really busy throughout this year. I'm not going to lie at all, there were quite a few little moments there where I could've written something, but work really does take it out of you sometimes, and when you get those minutes for respite, you just don't want to do anything at all, apart from laying back and drinking your favourite drink of choice.

Well in a nutshell here's what happened in last 5 months:

1. A momentary stint in Jack Penate's band. Got to travel around UK and Paris. Did the Taratata (French version of Jools) was very surreal. All in all, sweet experience. Check his new album. It's a lovely body of work.

2. Co-Producing Valentina's debut EP with Blue May.

Did some of it over here at the Nellee Hooper's. Amazing place:

She's an amazing singer/songwriter and Blue is an amazing producer, and his dog Dave, I started to build a nice relationship with :).

But one session, I really felt like I was living my dream, I was watching before my eyes, a string quartet recording some sections I had written for one of Val's songs. Had some food later, started to itch and sweat and lose my breath, next minute, lips and bottom half of face started to swell. Throat started to close up a few hours later... ANAPHYLAXIS. Was horrible :(.

3. Anaphylaxis which led to me going to A&R, !!!!!A&E I mean!!!! and being intravenously fed with piriton. One of the scariest things I had ever been through.

Here are some visual representations:

Me sat in front of the beautiful API desk I think it was a 1604. Studio was one of the best places I've been to also. On just general feel and of course the drum kit collection of crazy Antonio's, it's the best place. APIs are the truth:

Then few hours after:

Here in hospital bed:

That whole day was crazy, and scary but weirdly enjoyable.

4. Quite a few reworks here and there.

5. Producing/co-writing stuff for brilliant talent/future icon Cornelia.

6. Working on my own material. It's getting there :)

7. Went Glastonbury to do a "DJ" set with Miss Levi :)

8. Producing Dog Bite stuff. Another sick individual, and beautifully laid back.

9. Getting Elan Tamara's release sorted for 7th September. I've been on about her for a while. Mad talented. Check the previews of EP out on, and pick up a copy :).

Got quite a lot more work coming up, and some lovely news, but won't disclose just yet. Went on a lovely bike ride beside the River Lea not too long ago, may upload some pics of that in another entry.

Teamixthing no.6 following on now :). I hope you enjoyed this entry. Going to try very hard not to leave this place cold.

Big Love.