Post War Years - Whole World On Its Head

Enjoy xx :)

Teamixthing #5 - Vibrant Rooibos

Hello everyone :). Sorry it has taken really long, but finally I'm able to give you my new teamixthing thing "Vibrant Rooibos" courtesy of amazing and lovely podcast givers Vibes & Stuff. Check them out.

I'm writing this at 6am, so please forgive if my sentence structure is not up to speed. Rooibos is a lovely type of herbal tea I really should have more of. It has quite a nutty & naturally sweet taste and is of South African origin. It's gorgeous with or without milk.

Within this mix I get a bit trigger happy with effects & levels at times, so I'm sorry if your ears start hurting at any point in the mixthing. It's a nutty one. Further love from the lovely people at Vibes & Stuff CLICKHere to have a read. Tookind.

Much love xxx


1. Madlib - Infinity Sound
2. Girls Aloud - Fix Me Up
3. Fleet Foxes - English House
4. Atlas Sound - Recent Bedroom
5. Kanye West - Drunk And Hot Girls
6. XTC - 1000 Umbrellas
7. Max Tundra - My Night Out
8. Zapp - Radio People
9. Lime Headed Dog - Lorenzo
10. Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened (Kwes. slippery edit/apologies for what happens at the end)
11. Aphex Twin - Avril 14th