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Egyptian Mau

I love these cats. Hopefully will have the pleasure of looking after one of these one day.


Postcard Teas

If you are ever wandering around Bond Street, and you love tea, Check here out :). It's brilliant. My manager introduced this to me a year or two ago. Ambiance of the place is probably one of the most relaxing I've come across.

Click here x

Hello it's only me. New teamixthing on the way

I have a headache. Going to get some mint tea and paracetamol to alleviate that shizzle. Whilst listening to this interpretation of one of my favourite songs:

New teaxmixthing on the way, been long overdue mayne. Sorry if you have been waiting for it. Truth is I sorted it weeks ago, but wasn't completely satisfied with it. My brother listened to it and seemed to like it, so maybe I'm being overly critical of myself, I don't know. Maybe I should just upload it as it is. I'll see what happens.

I hope you all had a lovely festive season and that your transition into 09 was sweet and not as awful as this:

Santika Incident

My thoughts and sympathy are with those who had been affected in any way/suffered bereavement via this incident. I'm sorry to say this but what angers me though is that this could've been so easily avoided, why light fireworks inside a club? That's just asking for trouble.

I walked into 09 via sitting on a chair at home with a drink. Wasn't feeling too frisky.

09 Should be a sweet and reasonably productive one.

I leave you with this. Gutsy and brilliant :)

Catch you soon.

Big love. xxxxx