Coming Soon :)

Don't watch the phone camera quality. The photos don't do these justice. They look absolutely beautiful for real. Sleeve design by my good hugely talented friend, graphic designer Sinem Erkas.


Post War Years

I think they are one of the most exciting bands to come out of the UK in a long while and I think they are going to do great things.

Here are two vids below:

Simon fishing:

and their first release "Black Morning":


Big love. xx

Hermeto Pascoal

My dear lady put me onto this. Barmy and beautiful. One of the warmest things I've watched/listened to in a while.


KS. xx

Donald Bell-Gam

I'm a bit late on this one. The audience are so cruel, but his voice is so out of this world. Too funny. Amazing answers to Simon's questions also haha, AND clever final song choice hahaha.