Warmth :) Robert Wyatt.

Brilliant interview, humble magnificence being interviewed :)

KS. x

Jungle. Nah I'm not F***in wid that Nah. NAH SON!!

My bro from Bristol Joker showed me this. Funny stuff.

Humble jester Mr Williams he is :).

NB. excuse the gratuitous use of the "N word" and other vulgarities. Funny funny.



Teamixthing #4 - Illegal Tea

Number 4 is here! This is a mix I did especially for sweet new blog Illegal Tender Magazine. I've never tried "Illegal" Tea before. I'm sure it's relaxing like most teas. Or it maybe even more relaxing.

On a real, cannabis tea isn't illegal at all in the UK (LOOK) and approved by Home Office. I think the chemical that induces psychosis (THC) isn't water soluble and therefore not included in the tea. But yeah anyway, here's tracklisting below.

Big Love. xxx


1. Nick Drake - Which Will
2. Edan - Making Planets
3. Do Me Bad Thngs - What's Hideous
4. Madvillain - Rainbows
5. Love - Andmoreagain
6. Musiq - Newness
7. Acoustic Ladyland - Cuts & Lies
8. Liars - It Fit When I Was A Kid
9. The National - Fake Empire
10. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights
11. John Cale - The Endless Plain of Fortune
12. Blur - Battery in Your Leg



Not sure if many read this. If you have checked this blogspot of mine before, sorry it has been too long. Been a mad few months. If this is your first time here, welcome :), and check back regularly, I'm really going to try and keep the blogs popping.

Anyhow I'll let you know what's been going on.

Not too long after the last blog, did a series of gigs, playing my battered old keyboard for the inimitable Ebs' (Ebony Bones)'s live band. First played in Newcastle then Lancaster. Both lovely places. Stayed in some luxurious hotels. Not used to it at all. The shower in the Newcastle hotel was ridiculous, and the room. Pics below:

Went off to New York for just under a week to play a few CMJ shows, (again keyboard for Ebony Bones, you see where I'm going with this). I stayed in a quaint hotel in the west of Manhattan. There was a convenience store across the road which was quite comforting, I forgot the name, but yeah I got some massive bag of crisps from there called Ruffles, they were great:

I drank a lot of Snapple, especially the Lemon Ice Tea one. Gorgeous. Some evidence below professing my love for Snapple.

Met some of my dear people down at one of the CMJ shows.: Noisettes, MJ Zilla, He Say She Say, Muhsinah and The Carps (pictured below):

Did a bit of sight seeing afterwards:

The following weekend, went off to beautiful Lisbon in Portugal!!

View of area surrounding hotel I stayed in Portugal:

The Gig was lovely also. Scary woman after the show demanding me and a few of the other band members to dance and asking us where she's from. Temperaments are a lot more fiery and spontaneous there, could be the heat and the good water. 6 Cents each!!!! That's how much water SHOULD cost.

Apart from all that, been in and out studio, sorting out where I'm going to move to, to properly set up my equipment and I have just been finishing work on the new teamixthing for here and for the lovely blog Illegal Tender Magazine, which will arrive shortly. Sorry for the long wait. Big love :).