Two of my favourite performances and songs.

Teamixthing #2 - Earl Grey


Hello peoples and animals. Back for round 2. I need to start drinking the decaffinated teas, too much is going to cause palpitations. Anyway, here is my next mixthing called "Earl Grey". The tracks on here I think are a little "darker" but fruity, and I've tried to display this visually through the cover of a moody Charles Grey (The 2nd Earl Grey) you see before you. The tea was named after him and according to legend, he was given the recipe by a local Mandarin Chinese friend. This tea is one of my early favourites, with the quintessential taste & aroma of bergamot orange extract/oil (which is extracted from the rind of the orange). One of the most subtle, startling but gentle teas you will taste.


1. Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket
2. James Chance - Designed To Kill
3. Tom Vek - C-C
4. Ultramagnetic MCs - Give The Drummer Some
5. Mickey Moonlight - Moonlight Swim
6. Todd Rundgren - I Saw The Light
7. Jneiro Jarel (Dr Who Dat?) - A.S.A.P. (Flash)
8. Health - Girl Attorney
9. St Vincent- Now Now
10. Gentle Friendly - Five Girl Night
11. Silkie - I Sed
12. Jim O'Rourke - All Downhill From Here


The Duppy Conquerer is back!!!!

Hahahaha. Still youthful as ever 9 years old not 72 :). If I ever live to be as old as him, I would love to just be as healthy, strong and as happy as him. All hail Lee "Scratch" Perry. Funny video below:

For those who may have not heard about him, in short, Lee "Scratch" Perry (born Rainford Hugh Perry) was a visionary producer/musician and was arguably the creator of reggae and dub. Whatever the case, his productions (Check Bob Marley) are considered to be some of the most influential in the aforementioned genres. He is still alive and well and currently resides in Switzerland. Here is a small interview concerning his old studio "The Black Ark" below:


PS. 2nd Teamixthing on the way. Thank you to all who are listening. I hope you are enjoying it. xx