Teamixthing #1 - Lapsang Souchong


Hellooo. As promised I've come back with a mix of stuff for your listening pleasure. These mixthings I'm doing are named after some teas I take great pleasure in drinking. Sometimes I'll be drinking the particular tea whilst listening to the tracks I've used to dedicate to it. Tea, wooo... zoop zoop!!!

Anyway, this first one is relatively poppy and there are a few kicks in there (you'll here these problems throughout this one and next ones), a bit like the effect of Lapsang Souchong when you first try it. It's this Chinese black tea which is dried by being smoked through pinewood fires, and this gives it its distinctive smoky aroma and taste. It's the Marmite of teas I reckon. Give it a try as well as this mixthing :). This is my first run, next one is going to be "weirder and wonderful" much better, then the next one and the next and the next... Send me your thoughts.

Big love. x


1. J Dilla - Stop
2. Late of The Pier - V W
3. The Cool Kids - Black Mags
4. Beck - Gamma Ray
5. Dog Bite - Indian House
6. Post War Years - You & Me Both
7. Chromatics - Healer
8. Metronomy - Radio Ladio
9. Toddla T - Sound Tape Killin'
10. Magistrates - Make This Work (Kwes./[o=o]. version)
11. Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23 (Edit)


Theo Jansen's - Animaris Rhinoceros

Theo Jansen is a Dutch artist and kinetic sculptor. He builds large works which resemble skeletons of animals and are able to walk using the wind on the beaches of the Netherlands. His animated works are a fusion of art and engineering and in a BMW, television advert Jansen says, "The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds." Check out the Animaris Rhinoceros below.

Enjoy. x

Joel Cox

More commonly known as Lime Headed Dog. Came across this guy through me dear friend Micachu. I had to cop some of his free cds. The stuff is insane and at times visceral. Aural fire pretty much, Badman.