The Invisible - Constant/Passion [o=o]. version

The Invisible (disgustingly brilliant band) have been so kind as to put my version of their track "Passion" as the b-side to their debut single release called "Constant".

as quoted from The Invisible's myspace page:

"Single out now! Available from Rough Trade, Phonica, Piccadilly and all other good record shops. Here's a message from the band: "Hello everyone. We are pleased to announce that our 7" is now available in record shops across the land. It features 'Constant' on the A side, with extraordinary contributions from Eska, and on the B side, a dark and beautiful instrumental rework of 'Passion' by the phenomenally talented young musician and producer Kwes, (soon to release his debut single on XL Recordings). The subtle artwork comes courtesy of the profoundly skilled and ever-tasteful Rob Green. We'd be thrilled if you'd help restore balance to the scales of sonic justice by buying this small but significant piece of vinyl. We hope it adds value to your life. With love from The Invisible"

They're too kind.

You can buy the single at

Phonica Records, Rough Trade, Piccadilly Records,
Juno & Boomkat

NB. On phonica, juno and boomkat, previews are wrong way round.

The Invisible
Rob Green

The Chromelodeon & Harry Partch

I want to own one of these one day:

This is a very unusual instrument (in context with western tonality particularly). As opposed to a normal organ with repeating 12 tone octaves, this organ is of a 43 tone octave variety which stretches all the way across. The maverick responsible for this was a visionary musician fruitcake called Harry Partch. If anyone knows where I could get one, or if you have one, def get in touch.

Here's an interview with him below, surrounded by his own beautiful instruments, and a performance of these instruments following on. Dissonant beauty.

Part 2.
Part 3.