Musician/singer/songwriter/visual artist/ethnomusicologist/knitterofwool.

This modest lady of creativity writes music which touches the soul. As cliche as I sound, it really does. I've had the privilege of producing some of her material.

Watch out for this multi-talented lady. Those who already know her music can vouch for what I'm saying for sure.

Her artwork is also astounding. She painstakingly puts her all into her visual artwork just as much as her music.

This one she made for me, which I have up on my wall :). Anyhow, to hear what I'm going on about CLICK HERE or copy and paste this link:


Enjoy :).

Wesley (Diplo) Pentz

Big innovative, musically and culturally very well versed producer doing positive things.

Insightful interview with him below. Enjoy.


Micachu is this brilliant singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer who makes really intriguing cut-up videos to accompany her lovely songs. I've had the privilege of crossing musical paths with her a number of times and she is definitely one to watch in the coming years.

Here is an video she made for her song called "Attac"

Enjoy :)


Omaaazing Grace

One of the best vids ever.

Enjoy :)

Island Beefheart Gardens

I feel I have an affinity for Island Gardens you know. Each time I go there I just feel really at ease, may well be a nice source for creativity. I'm chatting crap at the moment, but I'm obliged to in blogs haha. Anyway, here is a banned vid for one of my favourite albums called "Lick My Decals Off, Baby" by Captain Beefheart. If you have a penchant for music specifically for "the animals and children" as Beefheart himself says, definitely check out the album.


Okee, first blog on this blogspot.

This is sweet. Ah I have a blogspot. To those of you that are reading. Hellooo. I'm going to post a video here of some Balinese Gamelan. I had the pleasure of going to one workshop/class earlier in the week down at St Lukes in Old Street with my girlfriend. Metallophone instruments are just too nice.

Enjoy. Until next time :)